My Go To Natural Hairstyles w/Afrocenchix

As I have been using Afrocenchix products for a while now, it's only right that I share my favourite hairstyles using my new favourites; Afrocenchix  Smooth & Seal. If you want to know my thoughts on their products, then check out my Afrocenchix Review.

Braid outs have always been one of my favourites, but I recently tried a twist out using Afrocenchix products and the results were amazing. Twist outs didn't work for me, I never liked the way it looked. This time however I think the combination of the Afrocenchix products and freshly washed damp hair gave me some great results.

Tools & Products Used

To complete these looks you will need; hair clips / hair bands to tie/pin the hair away when styling. A comb, a spray bottle, an Afro pick, Smooth moisturising cream, Seal oil, edge tamer / gel (optional), and a brush, I used my Tangle teezer for thick & curly hair.
Twist Out

I always work in sections of three or four, It's the easiest way for me to see what I'm …

Support Within The Black Community

Is there really an issue with black people not supporting other black people? Or is it just something people say?

This was the question I posted on Twitter and was glad to have a few friends get involved in the conversation.
I know there is a deep rooted issue with the hesitation some black people have when it comes to supporting their own. I think there is a large majority of people who still haven't aren't caught onto the whole supporting your own movement we millennials have going on here.

I watched a video on youtube, about the increase of black British youtubers and the topic of the lack of support within the community came up. One of the comments on the video explained my thoughts on the topic, but I'll get into that in a bit.

The number of black British people joining the youtube community has definitely gone up. I think it's because youtube for a lot of people opens doors, and it gives them opportunities they may not have gotten in another field. I also think more …

Review | Afrocenchix

After sampling Afrocenchix Soothe oil, I was intrigued to try out some of their other hair care products. I was generously sent three of their products to try out and review.

Afrocenchix is a Uk black-owned business that combines science with natural ingredients to create their fresh scented hair products. Huge congratulations to Rachael and Joycelyn the founders of Afrocenchix for getting their range of natural hair products stocked in Wholefoods allowing you to purchase their natural goodies in a store near you.

I have kindly been given; 'Swish' Sulphate Free Shampoo, 'Smooth' Natural Moisturising Cream & 'Seal' Natural Hair Oil.

Afrocenchix products are; 97% - 100% natural, free from sulphates, free from parabens, free from mineral oil, free from artificial fragrances, vegan friendly and are never tested on animals.

To get the best results and a fair review I have used all three products in the space of a month. My current wash day routine consists of wa…

July & August: Carnival, Features & Temporary Happiness

Two very productive months! Had some time off work so I got the chance to attend a few events. I also celebrated my 23rd birthday with some of my favourite people.

Ended July with Ade's first #PUSH event. You can catch all the highlights from the event on youtube, and I put together a summary of the event including some points made by all the speakers - Adzvice #PUSH Event.

Going to the Curly Treats Festival was a nice experience, something different to the rest of the events I have been too. I got to see a load of colourful stalls and was introduced to some new black owned businesses. Get an insight into what the Curly Treats Festival was like for me, in my little overview blog post - Curly Treats Festival.

I also went to a small event in August - Lucayan Natural Network Club #2 For Bloggers & Brands. An intimate event that had a panel discussing authenticity between brands and influencers. We got to discuss the current increase of influencers and how brands have start…

#KinksandCurls | Texture Discrimination in The Natural Hair Community

As the natural hair movement and community has grown the conversation around texture discrimination and accurate representation has increased.

LAMBB - a platform that celebrates black beauty has created a documentary titled 'Kinks and Curls' to encourage the conversation and to share the experiences of black women and their hair. 

I actively get involved in conversations and topics that I can relate to. Texture discrimination and representation has been some of the topics that I really like to get into both on my blog and on my socials. 
It's a pleasure to be apart of this conversation, I wrote a piece for LAMBB - There Is More Than One Way to Embrace Your Natural Hair. As much as the natural hair movement has come a long way the lack of diverse representation of naturalistas means naturals aspire to one certain look...the loose curls look. 

Get involved in the conversation using the hashtag #KinksandCurls on Twitter.

Let me know what you think abou…